William P Davis

Chef WP Davis

William P. Davis

Owner, Euphoria Eats Co.


William P. Davis, President of Euphoria Eats and Cannabis Consultant for Southern Greauxers, is from the great state of Texas with Louisiana roots. Southern Greauxers was created to provide entrepreneurs the opportunity to embark into the Cannabis business. The network of relationships and business partners allows start-ups to gain access to the resources needed to navigate within the industry. Davis felt this company would be essential for others because of the uphill climb it took for Euphoria Eats to get to the main stage.
Davis had recently been in communication with one of his army friends about his niece about her dislike for the taste of CDB oil. The US Army Veteran used his passion for creating tasty recipes to create an alternative way for others to consume Hemp/CBD through food.
Although this company was curated in the south, the entrepreneurs aspire to shift from a local to a national product line.
Euphoria Eats Co has been featured in several publications such as Voyage Dallas, Lab Zero (Japan), numerous blogs, and the USA CBD Expo in Atlanta, GA. The thriving company recently received a 9/10 endorsement on Master P Reviews as the next up and coming company in the CBD market.
Davis obtained his BA from Louisiana Tech and MBA from Grand Canyon University.
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