Bravo Tree One Eight


Founder, Tree One Eight


Bravo, Hemp & Opportunities

The founder, of Tree One Eight, widely known as Bravo, sees cannabis as a space where the possibility exists to create new and exciting opportunities as well as begin to undo the socioeconomic damage done by the war on drugs.

TREE ONE EIGHT™ is the first Black-Owned cannabis lifestyle company based in Shreveport, LA. They are a media and marketing group whose aim is to connect consumers, cultivators, cultural enthusiasts, connoisseurs, the curious, and other cannabis businesses and services throughout the cannabis community. They focus solely on the promotion of cannabis products and services using media and marketing.

Bravo’s experiences as a community and political organizer along with a direct connection to cannabis, allowed the perfect combination to create an independent and relatable approach to marketing cannabis products and services. Tree One Eight hosts all of its media, news, and resources on its website There, visitors can shop for their favorite brands and accessories. Creators can sign-up for influencer marketing assignments. Companies can also schedule a discovery consultation to find out how Tree One Eight can help promote their services.


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