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Roxanne Dennant

Roxanne Dennant

Good Day Farm

Director of Brand Marketing


Roxanne Dennant, Good Day Farm

Roxanne Dennant is a master of her craft in cannabis branding, product creation and marketing. Entering the California cannabis market in 2015 as a co-founder & CEO of an innovative edible company, Roxanne has worked for multiple legacy brands such as Legion of Bloom, GoldDrop, Heritage Hash, 3C • Coast to Coast Cannabis, and currently sits as the Director of Brand Marketing for Good Day Farm.

Named as one of the top women in cannabis by multiple publications as an industry thought leader, design and packaging, she continues to create disruptive products, brands and campaigns in the cannabis space. Roxanne’s knowledge and love for the plant led has also led her to be named a judge for the highly coveted Emerald Cup and Chalice Festival.

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