Adriana Kret

Andrea Kret

Adriana Kret

District Sales Manager

Good Day Farm


Adriana Kret, Good Day Farm

Adriana Kret boasts over a decade of experience as a seasoned sales executive, showcasing a track record of excellence in sales training, adept relationship management, and a remarkable talent for revitalizing underperforming markets.

Her foray into the cannabis industry commenced in 2021 when she assumed the role of District Sales Manager for Good Day Farm Louisiana. Since then, she has witnessed the cannabis market’s remarkable evolution, transitioning from a modest selection of products to a diverse array of offerings, including nano gummies, Cookies flower, Go Pens, Tank vapes, and both cured and live concentrates.

Adriana has observed a substantial increase in the number of medical marijuana pharmacies, significantly enhancing accessibility for patients. In 2021, there were just nine locations, but by the end of this year, an impressive 17 dispensaries are scheduled to be operational. Adriana’s profound dedication lies in making cannabis a readily available and accessible option for patients when conventional medicine has proven ineffective.

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