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Chad Nettles

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Chad Nettles, Panelist

Chad Nettles was born March 11, 1988, in Memphis, Tennessee.

At a young age, he excelled in mechanical technology and automotive repair. His stepfather, Brian Brasher, owned an auto repair shop and Chad was often there watching over his shoulders and learning everything he could. By the fifth grade, he had already built his first pneumatic engine out of recycled aluminum cans. To this day, automotive technology and performance is one of his favorite hobbies.

During Chad’s middle school years, the death of his little brother caused him to struggle emotionally and in his academic studies. He endured other events in his life that added to this struggle. Quite by chance, a friend suggested marijuana to ease his mind and he was astonished at how much it helped. Later, he discovered that marijuana also helped a rare, genetic eye condition he had been diagnosed with, in addition to other conditions he had been struggling unsuccessfully to overcome.

Chad explains, “Cannabis is the reason I’m alive today and I believe it can help in ways that no one could imagine. To this day, I consume medical marijuana every day to help with a variety of conditions. With prayer and my healing medicine of medical marijuana I know I can get through it and I believe it can help others too. Trust me, if it can help with the stress and the health problems I have in my life I have the utmost faith it can help you too.”

Chad will be speaking on the “Medicine, Research, Results” panel at CajunCannabisConference.


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